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Internal Review

Prior to any grant or contract proposal leaving UW, it first must go through our internal review process. When the first-time investigator meets with the Division Administrator, the specifics of this process will be discussed. In general, approvals must be obtained from the Division, Primary and Joint Department Chairs, and School of Medicine. Additionally, those entities must approve all key personnel listed on the proposal.

For example, if a co-investigator is in the Department of Epidemiology, approval must be obtained from the chairperson of Epidemiology as well as the Dean of the School of Public Health & Community Medicine. This process is completed electronically, and support in the preparation of this form is provided by Division staff. Whenever possible, please notify Division staff of upcoming applications two months ahead of the sponsor deadline. Staff are here to help you navigate the complex bureuacracy involved with submitting a proposal as an employee of a public university.


The mechanism for this review process is called an eGC-1. The eGC-1 is created and accessed through a system called SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically). In order to submit a proposal through SAGE, PIs must be given access by Dana Panteleeff, interim GIM administrator. 

Internal Deadlines

Important note: New proposals must be submitted to the Division for review a minimum of 13 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline to allow proper time for the entire review process. All proposals must be final and submitted to OSP at least 3 full business days before the sponsor's deadline. For OSP's fully policy, please review Grants Information Memorandum 19.

To prevent panic and mistakes and ensure the process goes as smooth as possible, please notify Division staff of upcoming proposals two months before the agency deadline.