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Outside Consulting

Faculty at the University of Washington are allowed to provide consultative services outside of the University of Washington. In some instances, the faculty member can receive compensation. Please review the Office of Research guidelines and the School of Medicine policy regarding conflicts of interest. More information about the policy and process is outlined in the Department of Medicine's Policies & Notices.

GIM faculty should use the School of Medicine Portal to complete the electronic combined Form 1460 and the School of Medicine Supplement Form, which will then route for approval. Use only the electronic form and do not submit a hard copy.

Sites of Practice

To ensure alignment with the mission of UW Medicine, all UWSOM faculty clinicians must have prior approval from the UW Medicine CEO before engaging in Clinical Practice at a particular location, including volunteer activities. The medical malpractice liability coverage provided for faculty through the University and Practice Plans only apply to approved sites of practice where providers are practicing in their capacity as a UW faculty clinician.

UW Medicine, Seattle Children’s, and their affiliated facilities are Pre-Approved Sites and no further approvals are required.

Find further details and complete the Site of Practice Proposal Submission form.