Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UW-related travel may be restricted. Contact your site administrative coordinator prior to booking any UW-related travel (Virni Caculitan for HMC and Sydney Parucci for UWMC – Montlake). Please also review current UW-wide travel policies.

Travel using UW budgets or funds is governed by the State of Washington, and the rules of the State and University are summarized on the UW Travel home page. The School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, and the Division of General Internal Medicine have established additional polices that must also be followed. This site is organized to direct travelers and administrators to the proper information regarding University and State policies and to inform travelers of the required departmental policies. You can also visit the Department of Medicine's faculty guide for information.

Travel status is defined as:

  • on behalf of the University and/or State,
  • three hours beyond your normal work hours, and
  • more than 50 miles one way (most direct route) from either your official station or your official residence, exclusive of commuting between your official station and official residence