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Quality Systems, Safety Series (QS3) (Monthly)

Harborview is a leader in quality improvement within the UW Medicine system, and this series serves as a forum to discuss these efforts. Hospital medicine faculty and guest speakers present quality improvement projects. The goal of this series is to educate hospital medicine faculty about the ongoing quality efforts within our institution and enable discussion of the process of taking on a quality improvement project.

Updates in Hospital Medicine Committee and Lecture Series (Quarterly)

The Updates Committee is a group of hospital medicine faculty whose purpose is to curate and vet recent literature relevant to our practice. The committee meets monthly to review and appraise recently published articles with the goal of identifying those articles that are of greatest impact. During these sessions, articles are discussed and appraised. These committee sessions serve as a forum for faculty, residents, and students to obtain updates on hospital medicine literature and to participate in the critical appraisal of the literature. The culmination of this work is a quarterly presentation delivered to the medicine residents and faculty in a clinically-based format outlining those select key articles that have the greatest impact on our practice on the wards of Harborview.

Harborview Hospital Medicine Lecture Series (Monthly)

The hospitalists at Harborview contribute to a dedicated monthly lecture series given to the resident house staff and medicine faculty. Presentations in this series range from content-based medical lectures to quality improvement efforts to research interests. The goal is highlight the work of the HMP in areas of education, quality, and research.

Hospital Medicine Psychiatry Lecture Series (Monthly)

The hospitalists at Harborview also contribute to a monthly psychiatry lecture series. The series was born of the close relationship between the medicine consult service and the psychiatry department. The goal of these lectures is to provide practical clinical teaching of core medical topics that are frequently encountered on the inpatient psychiatric ward. The lectures are given to psychiatric attendings, residents, and students and have been very well received.

Hospital Medicine Journal Club (Monthly)

Critical analysis of the published literature is a key skill of the academic hospitalist. HMC hospitalists gather monthly at the HMC Hospital Medicine Journal Club to critically appraise and discuss in detail a recent publication relevant to their practice. All HMC hospitalist faculty have the opportunity to function as primary presenter (and to thus receive both experience and academic credit) and are mentored through the process by colleagues experienced in research methods.

Discussions have covered randomized controlled trials, observational studies, cost-effectiveness studies, and meta-analyses.