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The Process

1. While traveling, save your receipts! The UW requires original receipts for all expenses over $75 for reimbursement. (Please save and submit all receipts whenever possible, even if the expense is under $75.) 

2. Complete and sign the GIM Travel Reimbursement Request Form.

3. Submit reimbursement request and receipts to the individual responsible for completing eTravel expense reports (ER). (This process is usually completed by a Research Assistant or Program Coordinator. Ask your unit or section head if you are unsure who handles this.)

4. Approval process:

  • Faculty: The Division Head must approve travel for faculty members in the Division of GIM. Please add Rebekah Zaharia as an ad hoc approver in eTravel.  If grant funds are used to reimburse a trip and the traveler is not the PI, the PI must also approve the request before it is sent to the Division Head. Add the PI as an ad hoc approver in eTravel or attach a written approval from the PI to the expense report.
  • Staff: The PI or supervisor of the staff person should approve the eTravel expense report.
  • For ALL Travelers: Lodging expenses should be reviewed prior to travel, and approval is required for lodging costs that will exceed the 150% allowance. The Division Head must approve the Exception to the Maximum Lodging Allowance form prior to the travel taking place. If this is not requested prior to the travel taking place, then it should be done prior to the ER being submitted. 

5. After the eTravel expense report is submitted and approved, you will receive reimbursement via direct deposit.

For more information, visit Department of Medicine Intranet.

eTravel: Electronic Expense Reports (ER)

  • The expense report should include the name of the traveler, dates of travel, destination(s), and conference name or other purpose of travel.
  • A conference, meeting, or other travel agenda must be attached to every expense report.

For more information, visit Department of Medicine Intranet.

When are extra approvers required?

  • For all ERs (faculty, staff, non-UW): Add Research Center Manager or Section Administrator before Compliance Approver.
  • For faculty ERs: Add Interim Administrator (Dana Panteleeff) before Compliance Approver. (The Division Head will be added as an approver by the Associate Administrator after she has reviewed and approved the ER.) Please note that this (and many) procedures will change in July 2023 as part of UW's Financial Transformation.


Reference the UW mileage chart in your expense report comments.

One of the following is required for claiming personal auto mileage:

  • PDF of directions with starting and destination points created from Mapquest, Google Maps, or a similar website. You may have multiple PDFs for multiple trips on one ER. Please ensure that the mileage number recorded in the ER exactly matches the mileage referenced in the PDF.
  • Mileage log. This is recommended for multiple mileage claims on one ER (e.g., multiple site visits for blood draw purposes). The mileage log must contain name of the traveler, dates of travel, odometer start and end readings, project name, descriptions of travel, and budget number(s).


See the UW Travel website for information on meals per diem.


See the UW Travel website for information on lodging per diem.

See also Exceptions to Lodging Allowance