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Payment Methods

Travel may be paid for with an Individual Travel Card, personal funds, credit card, per diem advance, or a Central Travel Account (CTA).

The traveler may choose to have a UW Individual Travel Card, which is issued to the individual and can be used to make all purchases relating to UW travel. The travel card purchases are to be paid for by the individual who must submit all receipts for reimbursement. (GIM recommends keeping all receipts, but if you are unable to obtain a receipt for an item under $75, the University may still reimburse you.) This card should only be used for UW travel-related expenses. If you need to make a purchase for a non-travel business-related item, please see your unit or section administrator. See the Reimbursement page.

Alternatively, a traveler may pay by requesting a per diem advance, an especially useful method for those who do not travel frequently or will be traveling to a site that may not readily accept credit cards (e.g., rural areas with limited Internet access). Please review the per diem advance guidelines.

Please note that a Central Travel Account (CTA) is the preferred method for purchasing airfare. If your group does not have a travel card, please contact your fiscal or section administrator, who will in turn put you in contact with the administrator of a Central Travel Account. Personal travel expenditures and/or travel that includes personal time are prohibited on the CTA. View the CTA general guidelines.

Travelers are responsible for following UW and state policies while in travel status. If you have specific questions, please contact your unit or section administrator.

For more information, visit UW Policy on Receipts and the UW Travel Office.



Please turn in documentation that shows the flight time and payment.

  • Traditional tickets: Please keep the passenger receipt that breaks down the legs of the flight and the price.
  • Ticketless travel: Please attach the itinerary provided by the travel agent. You can also provide the second page of your Visa travel card statement.
  • E-ticket: Print the payment confirmation and provide a copy of the itinerary. (This often comes as a confirmation email.)

For more information, visit UW Air Travel Policy.

Conference Registration

To pay for a conference registration using University funds, the division recommends either using a Procurement Card or your individual travel card. The Procurement Card is the ideal method because the fee is paid directly from the funding source and no reimbursement is necessary. Please see the administrator of your unit or section for information about payment by Procurement Card. If the conference registration includes lodging, please use the individual travel card. Reimbursement for conference registration can be made prior to the trip by submitting the registration form and the original receipt (or your original credit card statement) to the person who completes your eTravel expense report.

For more information, visit UW Policy on Conference Registration.



Keep a copy of the hotel folio that you receive when checking out.

See Lodging Allowance information, regarding per diem rates, and Exceptions to Lodging Allowance.

For more information, visit UW Policy on Lodging.



Meals are reimbursed at the per diem rate; no receipts are necessary. Travelers will be reimbursed for continental breakfasts at hotels and airline meals but not for meals provided as part of a conference. While in travel status, do not purchase meals for other people. "Hosting" or "business" meals are not allowable costs.

For more information, visit UW Policy on Meals.

If you have a question about an expense, please contact your unit or section administrator.