For Referring Providers

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Outpatient Consultations (Preoperative Evaluation)

Please submit an electronic referral. We provide only "consultation" and not a "transfer of care." Please fax any outside records, if available, to our team at 206-598-6518. Consultations are triaged based on medical comorbidity and urgency of anticipated surgery. For urgent consultations, please call the Medicine Consult Clinic at 206-598-5160 in addition to the electronic referral.

Inpatient Consultations

For new inpatient consultations, please contact the on-call Medicine Consult Service physician through the paging operator at 206-598-6190. A consult request must be documented in the electronic record, including the reason for consultation. (e.g. "Medicine Consult requested for recommendations regarding hyperglycemia.")

For inpatients who are already followed by the Medicine Consult Service, the same Medicine Consult attending generally follows the patient for the length of his or her hospital stay to provide continuity. Please contact the resident or attending who is following the patient directly for questions (see the primary contact for our service in CORES).



Urgent outpatient consultations (Medicine Consult Clinic): 206-598-5160

Fax outside patient records to: 206-598-6518


Page on-call Medicine Consult Service physician through the paging operator: 206-598-6190