The basic timeline from job creation to hiring a new employee:

  1. Determine that a need exists for hiring new staff.
  2. Identify a funding source and obtain approval for funding the position.
  3. Develop the job description. (See Writing the Job Description.)
  4. Notify the Division’s Human Resources Manager that a new position is needed. The HR Manager will assist in filling out the Requisition Form.
  5. The HR Manager will enter the requisition into UWHires. It will go through the chain of approval, which includes the Division Administrator and Department of Medicine Personnel Director.
  6. The Compensation Office will review the job requisition to determine appropriate title, salary, etc.
  7. If approved, the Compensation Office forwards the requisition to Human Resources to post publicly. HR then forwards applications of job seekers. (This process varies slightly for professional, classified, and hourly positions. Contact HR for specific information.)
  8. The hiring unit reviews applications and conducts interviews. After selecting a candidate, the job offer is submitted to HR for approval. The approved offer is made to the applicant, usually by the hiring manager or the HR manager.
  9. HR confirms hiring via email; new employee is entered into payroll system.

For more information, visit Human Resources’ Hiring Process Guide

Additional Factors to Consider

The job description is the most important aspect of new positions, and this process should be given careful consideration. Development of an accurate, complete job description will help to ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly and is completed in a reasonable length of time.

It is critical that positions with similar duties have the same job classification, educational requirements and salary range. Specific salaries within the range will vary depending upon an individual’s qualifications, but equity is critical. An organization chart is helpful in this process and it is required by the Division Administrator to show how each position fits in the chart.

If the proposed position is being created to support a grant, it is a good rule of thumb to follow the proposal as much as possible so that we do not exceed our budget allocations. This will not always be possible – but it is important not only for budgetary purposes but compliance purposes as well. If a position is created and filled that is not in the original grant proposal, it is very important to create documentation in the budget file that justifies the hire in the event of an audit.

NOTE: If the position is a replacement and the duties have not changed, using the same job description that was used to hire the departing person will speed up the hiring process significantly.