2021–2022 – Top Ten Skills for Building a Satisfying Career in Academic GIM

Top Ten Skills Series LogoThe Faculty Development Seminar Series this Academic Year focuses on core skills for building a satisfying career in Academic GIM. These skills have been selected for broad applicability for all faculty in our Division. The first five sessions are listed below. The second five will feature topics including effectively running a meeting, writing for non-peer reviewed venues and optimizing your CV.

10/01/21 – Seminar 1: Neha Deshpande – How to be a Great Mentor and Great Mentee

11/05/21 – Seminar 2: Chenwei Wu and Nick MeoHow to Use Committee Work to Advance Your Career

12/03/21 – Seminar 3: Stefanie DeedsHow to Manage Limited Time for Maximal Productivity

01/07/22 – Seminar 4: Gaby Berger and Eric LaMotteHow to Create a Teaching Portfolio (and Why)

02/04/22 – Seminar 5: Somnath MookherjeeHow to Write a Case Report for Fun and (Academic) Profit

03/04/22 – Seminar 6: Moe HagmanHow to Run an Effective Meeting

04/01/22 – Seminar 7: Joshua LiaoHow to Write for Non-peer Reviewed Venues

05/06/22 – Seminar 8: Andrew WhiteHow to Optimize Your CV for Applications and Promotion

06/03/22 – Seminar 9: Susan MerelHow to Write a Great Letter of Recommendation – For Students, Residents, Colleagues (or for Yourself)!

07/08/22 – Seminar 10: Lauge Sokol-Hessner – How to Make an Effective "Ask"