GIM Faculty Development Program

Impactful Scholarship - FDP Winter-Spring 2020-21 Series (PNG)

The 2020–2021 FDP Winter/Spring Impactful Scholarship series is designed to help DGIM faculty who are interested in doing scholarly work alongside their clinical work. The first seminar will be on Friday, February 5th at 1PM with "Inquiry-based scholarship—it starts with curiosity, humility, and genuine interest" by Julie Morath—a national expert in healthcare leadership, quality, and safety. This seminar will frame how impactful scholarly work can develop from curiosity and inquiry. Subsequent seminars will build from the core concept of "authenticity and societal context"—providing a framework for impact, examples from our colleagues, and a "project launcher" providing specific tools and resources. This series is informal, interactive, and all seminars will be online via Zoom. All DGIM faculty are welcome; please join to learn and share your experience and expertise with your colleagues.

First Fridays at 1PM (new time) after Medicine Grand Rounds.

Zoom meeting ID - 949 6329 6674
Refer to email announcements or contact the FDP for the meeting password.

Seminar 1: February 5th – Inquiry-Based Scholarship – Julie Morath
1. Use inquiry as a tool for advancing scholarly work.
2. Identify characteristics of effective inquiry.
3. How to construct a good question.

Seminar 2: March 5th – Creating a Framework for Impact – Leah Marcotte and Joshua Liao
Seminar 3: April 2nd – Case Study 1: Optimizing Resident Education During a Pandemic – Tyler Albert and Paul Cornia
Seminar 4: May 7th – Case Study 2: Creating Expertise in Feedback to Enhance Medical Education – Addie McClintock and Tyra Fainstad
Seminar 5: June 4th – Project Launcher: Next Steps and Resources – Helene Starks, DGIM Academic Research Coach