Strengthen clinical teaching and support a sense of community around teaching excellence at each clinical site and in the division as a whole.

Clinical Teaching Champions

Six Clinical Teaching Champions (CTC) have been selected: an inpatient and outpatient CTC for each of Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center, and the VA Puget Sound Medical Center.


  • Observe and give structured feedback to colleagues (at least 5 per year) in any teaching setting (clinic teaching, wards teaching, formal or informal presentations).
  • Are enthusiastic about giving and receiving collegial feedback on teaching and facilitating the exchange of best practices in teaching.

Please contact the CTC at your site for feedback on your teaching. You can request feedback on ANY kind of teaching—at the bedside, small group, large lecture, lunch conferences, or anything else.

CTCs welcome all requests for observation and feedback!

Tyler Albert, headshot
Clinical Instructor
VA – Inpatient Clinical Teaching Champion

Douglas Berger, head shot
Assistant Professor
VA – Outpatient Clinical Teaching Champion

Tyra Fainstad, headshot
Clinical Instructor
UWMC – Outpatient Clinical Teaching Champion

Molly Jackson, headshot
Associate Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education
UWMC – Inpatient Clinical Teaching Champion
Chair, UW Medicine Continuous Professionalism Improvement Committee
College Head, Cascade College, UW School of Medicine
Assistant Dean for Professionalism in the School of Medicine

Alexandra Morrison, headshot
Clinical Assistant Professor
HMC – Inpatient Clinical Teaching Champion

Dawn Taniguchi
Clinical Assistant Professor
HMC – Outpatient Clinical Teaching Champion