Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Registry (ADPR)

The Adult Changes of Thought (ACT) study’s goals are to advance understanding of factors associated with late life brain outcomes of dementia, cognitive decline, and fixed and frozen findings at autopsy.

Patient reported outcomes in routine clinical care of patients infected with HIV

The goals of this project are to evaluate the validity of Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Measurement Information System (PROMIS) scales for patients with HIV, and to integrate PRO assessment into routine clinical care.

Genetic architecture of memory and executive functioning in Alzheimer's disease

The goals of this project are to further our understanding of executive-prominent Alzheimer’s disease (AD), an AD subtype observed in 10% or more of AD cases.

ADNI Psychometrics

This project proposes to analyze extensive cognitive, neuroimaging, and fluid biomarker data from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and from the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyles of Ageing (AIBL) studies to optimize psychometric strategies to address substantively important questions on Alzheimer’s disease and the aging brain.