Dr. Amory’s principal area of research is in male reproductive health, specifically focused on the areas of male contraception, male infertility and the treatment of hypogonadism. He was elected to membership in the American Society of Clinical Investigation in 2013. Currently, he serves as the Associate Editor of Andrology and as a member of the NIH’s study section on cellular and molecular reproduction.

Current Projects  

Retinoic Acid in Male Infertility

The major goal of this grant is to determine the impact of treating men with infertility with 13-cis-retinoic acid.

Inhibition of Testicular Retinoic Acid Biosynthesis for male contraception

The goal of this project is to develop safe, effective contraceptive for men based on the inhibition of testicular retinoic acid biosynthesis by novel drugs.

Development of Oral Androgens

The goal of this project is to develop safe and effective methods of oral testosterone therapy for men with hypogonadism.