Highlights of recent faculty research.

Management of diabetic foot infections in the light of recent literature and new international guidelines

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Lost Space

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Long-term survival trends in patients with unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy: A SEER cancer registry analysis

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Just-In-Time Tools for Training Non-Critical Care Providers: Troubleshooting Problems in the Ventilated Patient

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Facilitators and Barriers to Chronic Disease Self-Management and Mobile Health Interventions for People Living with Diabetes and Hypertension in Cambodia: Qualitative Study

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Expanded access to viral load testing and use of second line regimens in Haiti: time trends from 2010–2017

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Events Associated with Changes in Reliance on the Veterans Health Administration Among Medicare-eligible Veterans

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Effectiveness of revascularisation of the ulcerated foot in patients with diabetes and peripheral artery disease: A systematic review

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Effectiveness of bedside investigations to diagnose peripheral artery disease among people with diabetes mellitus: A systematic review

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Direct Contracting in Medicare: Opportunity and Risk for Surgeons

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