The Center for Progress in Resuscitation promotes multi-disciplinary research and education in sudden cardiac arrest and resuscitation through a model of scientific discovery and community-based translation to advance public health.

The goals of the Center are to:
1) Undertake rigorous research involving resuscitation strategies and/or procedures in the pre-hospital and hospital environments that advance our understanding of cardiac arrest pathophysiology and treatment.
2) Translate research findings into practical approaches or methods for community-based improvement in sudden cardiac arrest care.

The Center will undertake a coordinated portfolio of research initiatives to achieve new scientific discovery. These initiatives typically involve leveraging evolving technologies related to information ascertainment, direct resuscitation care, or education and communication. The Center seeks to:

  1. evaluate the prognostic influence of discrete components of CPR,
  2. develop innovative prognostic ECG waveform analysis that can guide optimal treatment for individual patients,
  3. automate case review so that the dynamic clinical and research details of care can be ascertained through intelligent computer-directed electronic abstraction, and
  4. advance hardware developments related to automatic external defibrillators that can improve form and function.