The number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple in coming years. Often, patients stumble into advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease without anyone explaining what's happening or how they and their family can plan for the future. Many patients turn first to their primary care physicians (PCPs) for help, but PCPs need better training to provide good care on the front lines for this disease.

Dr. Barak Gaster, professor, is working to develop a national program to train providers in caring for patients afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease. Working with Elizabeth Perera, Director for Philanthropy with UW Medicine Advancement, and Accelerate: The Campaign for UW Medicine, Dr. Gaster seeks to raise funds to create a program that will enable PCPs to diagnose the disease earlier, guide patients and their families through care planning, and support caregivers.

  • To donate in support of this initiative, visit the UW Find Funds page, search for “dementia,” and click “Add to My Gifts” next to “Dementia Physician Training Fund.”
  • Find more information on the Accelerate campaign here.
  • For more information on this project, contact Dr. Barak Gaster or Ms. Elizabeth Perera.