Chalk Talks book cover 2020

In a true GIM collaboration, over ninety of our division faculty have contributed to a new guide for teaching internal medicine in the clinical setting. Compiled and edited by Drs. Somnath Mookherjee, Lauren Beste, Jared Klein, and Jennifer Wright, “Chalk Talks in Internal Medicine: Scripts for Clinical Teaching” provides teaching scripts for commonly encountered clinical scenarios. The new book’s goal is to enable teaching attendings to immediately link clinical experiences with the skills of physicianship, enhance the learning of students and trainees, and enable fun, satisfying, and meaningful teaching.

The forty-nine illustrated teaching scripts are designed to support anyone teaching in a clinical setting. Inpatient and outpatient topics include work-up of secondary hypertension, management of gastrointestinal bleeding, approach to abnormal liver blood tests, and approach to unintentional weight loss.

Co-editor and director of the DGIM Faculty Development Program Somnath Mookherjee describes the publication as a “truly unique DGIM-wide collaboration—all DGIM faculty were invited to participate and so many of them did.” In addition to showcasing the Division’s clinical and teaching expertise, the book served to foster a culture of mentorship. All ninety-three authors were paired in dyads and encouraged to create reciprocal mentorship relationships as they worked together to create teaching scripts.

The book is available from online book sellers and directly from Springer. Chapters may also be purchased individually.