Opened in 1971, the Pioneer Square Clinic provides primary health care and treats acute problems for adult patients residing in downtown Seattle, many of whom are low-income or homeless. In 2016 alone, the clinic had 12,000 patient visits. Dr. Nancy Sugg, associate professor, has served as the medical director for the clinic and downtown homeless programs since 1991. Beginning as a UW Medicine intern in 1981, her career working with local homeless persons has spanned more than 30 years. With the recent increase in rates of homelessness, the clinic and downtown programs are especially vital to serving this vulnerable population.

Recently, Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO of UW Medicine, publicly commended Dr. Sugg and her team for their excellent work and steadfast commitment. In the June 1, 2017 issue of UW Medicine Insight, Dr. Ramsey wrote, “I want to thank Dr. Nancy Sugg for her long-term leadership and all the providers and staff for their dedication in tackling the difficult issues of homelessness and equity. You exemplify our mission as you work every day with great skill and compassion to improve the health of the public."

UW Medicine Insight is a biweekly publication featuring news and information relevant to the UW Medicine system. The Pioneer Square Clinic is funded by Harborview Medical Center and external grants.