Dr. Genevieve Pagalilauan is a clinician-teacher who practices medicine at UW Medical Center – Montlake.


Dr. Genevieve Pagalilauan teaching.
Dr. Genevieve Pagalilauan teaching and collaborating.

Dr. Pagalilauan recently secured a grant for $22,000 from the Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority to expand the UW Health Sciences Mobile Health Van Program. The program partners with student and local organizations to provide basic preventive health and street medicine services for people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. 


UW Medicine has implemented a COVID-19 response plan and deployed teams to its partner skilled nursing facilities to help conduct on-site COVID-19 tests and implement CDC prevention guidelines at senior living communities in the Seattle area where positive COVID-19 cases have been detected. Skilled nursing facilities have been some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The response plan has three phases: 1) test current symptomatic residents; 2) provide infection-control education, prevention, and planning, and 3) deploy teams to provide onsite assistance with testing, clinical assessment, and triage.

Genevieve Pagalilauan and her colleague Associate Professor Kim O’Connor are on the response teams that are composed of volunteer UW faculty and staff.

Read more about this response team from UW Medicine and the Department of Global Health.

An Award

In addition to the above activities, Dr. Pagalilauan will also be receiving one of this year’s UWMC Chief of Medicine Service Awards. Every year, two clinicians are recognized for their outstanding contributions in direct clinical care, innovations in quality improvement and health delivery, consistent excellence in clinical teaching, and high quality scholarly works related to patient care.