Dr. Rozenn Lemaitre is the first (ever) GIM Research Faculty to achieve the rank of Full Professor. Dr. Lemaitre is trained in epidemiology and biochemistry, which she applies to evaluate how nutrition, genetics, and blood lipids relate to cardiovascular and diabetes risk. Dr. Lemaitre joined the UW Department of Medicine in 1992 as a research scientist working in the Cardiovascular Health Research Unit. Based on a track record of important scientific contribution, she was appointed to the GIM faculty as a Research Associate Professor in 2012. She also holds an adjunct appointment in the UW Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Lemaitre initiated a program to study lipidomics, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Her research is supported by multiple federal grants for which she serves as principal investigator. Dr. Lemaitre is well-known for her innovative and collaborative approach to science. She directs two different international consortiums that have conslidated biorepositories and clinical information to provide a robust research resource for large-scale epidemiologic studies of cardiovascular diease. She also shares her expertise with junior scientists, serving as mentor for several successful early- and mid-career investigators. 

Her research is featured in high-profile scientific journals, in which she has over 200 peer-reviewed, original science publications. Her findings have important implications for preventative nutrition (i.e., transfats, omega-3 fatty acids, and distinct lipid profiles). Moreover, Dr. Lemaitre’s innovative epidemiology has compelled basic science researchers to investigate biological mechanisms by which fatty acids and other related compounds affect human health. 

GIM extends collective congratulations to Dr. Lemaitre on her promotion to Research Professor!