Shobha Stack, headshot
Dr. Shobha Stack, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Shobha Stack was presented with the Outstanding Teacher Award at the School of Medicine Clinical Transition ceremony, which was held virtually on December 18, 2020.

The Outstanding Teacher Award is an annual award given out by each WWAMI site’s Medical Student Association. (The UW School of Medicine's WWAMI Regional Medical Education Program is a partnership in the western United States between the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.) All MS2 students at each WWAMI site nominate a faculty member that positively impacted their Foundation Phase at UWSOM, that deeply cared about the students, was supportive, and was engaging to learn from. Candidates with the most nominations will receive the award. This honor is given out at the MS2 Transition to Clerkship ceremony because the recipient is usually a faculty member that was pivotal during that particular cohort’s foundational years, and the ceremony marks the end of their Foundation Phase and entry into Clinical training.

Dr. Stack received the honor from the MS2s learning at UWMC – Montlake in Seattle. She also serves as the Associate Director for Medicine Student Programs.