Professor Douglas Paauw is director of Medical Student Programs and holds the Rathmann Family Foundation Endowed Chair for Patient-Centered Clinical Education. He also encourages everyone who can to receive a vaccination against COVID-19.

Dr. Paauw has been practicing medicine in Seattle throughout the pandemic and he wrote about his early experiences last year. Having seen the physical and emotional toll that the virus takes on his patients, he has become a vocal advocate for vaccination and has worked to reassure people who may worry about experiencing an allergic reaction to the shot. In January, he explained to local TV news outlet King5, “The chance of you having an anaphylactic reaction with a new vaccine is one in 100,000 to 200,000. ... The chance of you dying of COVID-19 in the United States is one in 1,000. … Which do you want? Most people are going to go, ‘I don’t like the one in 1,000 chance of dying.'”

Professor Paauw went on to advocate for vaccination on the web resource Diabetes Self-Management, clarifying further, “The good news is that no one has died because of this vaccine. All [allergic] reactions have been treatable.” He has also taken the initiative and time to praise vaccination via the UW Medicine Newsroom and Everett, Washington’s The Daily Herald.

Both Dr. Paauw and his daughter, also a healthcare worker, are now fully vaccinated and they hope you will be too once you’re eligible. Learn more about vaccinations in Washington State from the Washington Department of Health.