Barak Gaster

On November 4, 2018, The Seattle Times ran an editorial by Dr. Gaster in which he advocated for more proactive diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. While acknowledging that dementia is difficult to talk about with loved ones, he highlights the benefits of early diagnosis: “With an early diagnosis, patients and families can understand and plan for the changes which are occurring. Physicians can take important steps, such as encouragement of early family support, counseling to facilitate a safe retirement from driving, and timely advance care planning while patients are still able to participate.”

Read the whole editorial and view information about Dr. Gaster's dementia-specific advance directive, developed in collaboration with Dr. Eric Larson, clinical professor.

In October, Dr. Gaster also spoke with the UW Medicine Newsroom about improving communication between patients and doctors. The article is accompanied by a video.