In the News

French publication Pourquoi Docteur (Why Doctor) and the UK’s Daily Mail have recently run articles about the research on Alzheimer’s disease being done here at the University of Washington in partnership with scientists around the globe. Both articles discuss a recent article in Molecular Psychiatry with Dr. Shubhabrata Mukherjee, research assistant professor, as first author.

If you are fluent in French (or trust Google Translate), read “Il n'existerait pas une seule maladie d'Alzheimer, mais plusieurs” in Pourquoi Docteur.

In (British) English, read “'Alzheimer's is NOT one disease': Scientists group the memory-robbing disorder into six different categories in a study that may bring us one step closer to a cure” in The Daily Mail.

Find more information on the original scientific article, "Genetic data and cognitively defined late-onset Alzheimer's disease subgroups," on PubMed.