All staff recruitment is handled through UW Human Resources. Applicants may search for positions and submit their materials through the online system, UWHires. GIM will post positions to UWHires as they become available. Please note, any applications submitted directly to GIM rather than UWHires cannot be considered.

Types of Positions

There are two main classifications of staff positions at UW: Classified (including contract classifed and classified non-union) and Professional. Contract classified staff are covered by a labor contract (collective bargaining agreement), and classified non-union staff are covered by civil service rules. These contracts or rules specify how a person is paid and how a position can be evaluated for possible reclassification. See the Classified Staff Compensation webpage for detailed information about classified compensation programs and options.

The University's Professional Staff Program defines the conditions of employment for professional staff employees. The compensation section of the program describes how a salary rate is determined for professional staff positions.

Further Assistance

For further instructions on how to apply and answers to commonly asked questions, please refer to the Human Resources Help page.