Harborview hospitalists are faculty of the UW School of Medicine who practice at Harborview Medical Center.

Harborview Medical Center's Mission

Harborview is the county hospital for Seattle’s King County with a mission to care for our community’s most vulnerable populations. Seattle is a growing urban center faced with many challenges including income inequality, poor access to healthcare, homelessness, and addiction, and the Harborview hospitalists are at the front lines. Many of the patients we care for are homeless, IV drug users, HIV infected, mentally ill, or non-English speaking, often with medical problems rooted in the psychosocial realm. Our hospitalists take great pride in working with this population, and we provide the expertise to address the medical issues at hand in a manner that also attends to the social needs. We work collaboratively with the city’s best social workers, nurses, and staff to shepherd our patients through their hospital stays.

We place a strong emphasis on care transitions, connecting our patients to the robust social services in the community: our own Primary Care, International Medicine, and Senior Care clinics, our Aftercare clinic (which specializes in bridging post-acute care patients to primary care), homeless shelters, and addiction and mental health services. As one of three main teaching hospitals of the University of Washington, we have access to the whole spectrum of specialty care, but importantly, primary inpatient care is provided through a general medicine service approach. And lastly, Harborview is one of the best-run county hospitals in the country. While our patients may be considered underserved in many ways, we take pride in providing exceptional cutting-edge care to all. 

Dedication to Excellence

The hospital medicine faculty at Harborview are dedicated to the core mission of UW Medicine including excellence in patient care, medical education, and research. In addition to providing outstanding patient care, our group is committed to teaching, lifelong learning, and quality improvement. Hospitalists educate the medicine residents through noon conference presentations and provide didactics on common medical issues for the psychiatry residents. We have a robust journal club to keep ourselves up to date on medical literature. We are also involved in hospital committee work, quality improvement projects, and primary research.

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